"Nine" lyrics - DIANNE REEVES


I remember nine
As if it were yesterday
I can hear my friends outside of my window
Say, "Can you come out and play?"
Anna brought a bag of her mama's cooking spoons
So we could dig a big hole, to try to reach China
And get there by early noon

Our imaginations soared on golden wings
Across a sky filled with dreams
Any child could wear a paper crown
And be a king or queen at nine

I remember days of playing without a care
Then coming home with sniffles and clothes hanging off me
With leaves in my hair
Everybody's child belonged to the neighborhood
You could tell your troubles to old Aunt Savannah
Cause she always understood

Running endless through a field
Of emerald green beneath a broad
Open sky
I will treasure all my days when
I was innocent and free at nine

Runnin' and jumpin' and skippin' and laughin'
Rollin' and shakin' and jokin' and hidin'
Mother may I, Simon says, you're it, you spit
Hide and seek, you peeked, no I didn't, yes you did
You're not fair, I don't care, I saw Sammy's underwear
Double dutch, kick ball, hop scotch, bobby socks
Mary Mack all dressed in black
Who is that? Can she play jacks?
I'm the doctor, you're the nurse
Whatchu' mean, I was first
Shovin' and pushin'
cryin' and screamin'
Dreamin' and beamin' and dancin' in a line
You show me yours, I'll show you mine
Ah uh I'm going home it's dinner time... nine