"The Benediction (Country Preacher)" lyrics - DIANNE REEVES

"The Benediction (Country Preacher)"

Weary feet on a dusty road
Country preacher comes to save your soul

Just after day break on each Sunday morning
You could see women, men, and children piling out
Of their homes in their Sunday go to meetin' clothes
"Ah uum"

Making their way up that long steep hill
To the house of the Lord to get their hearts fixed
And their minds regulated looking forward to hear
The word brought down from on high from the
Country preacher

Country preacher clears his throat
Say brothers and sister we are gather here this mornin'
To give praise to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost
"Ah uum"

Mama's getting happy, Grandma's fanning her face
Cause everybody everybody's losing all their weariness in this place
Oh the spirit flowed like a mighty river
And all anybody could say at the end of the day was
"Ah uum"