"Doggin'" lyrics - DIE HAUT


You're playing the dog on me
Quit fucking around with me
You're sneaking around on me
You've got the disease
Of the never pleased

You're doggin' around, you sneak in the night
You come to my window, you pick up a knife
All those young chippys you left in my bed
The girls you've been with all run around my head
I can't take no more of this fucking around
I'll pick up this gun and blow you right down
You can't stop, can't quit
Can't take no more of your indolent shit
You know baby I like you just the way you are
A fucking dog...

All I want you to do is level with me
Just lay your cards on the table for once
I mean this shit's been going on for a long long time now
It's not like it's something new
Or something I haven't heard
I've heard it all before
Quit fucking around with me
You're dogging around on me
Get out of my life, get out of this door
Get out of this town, I can't take anymore
You pick up that knife, I'll pick up this gun
I'll blow you right down before this night is done