"Vandal" lyrics - DIE HAUT


This door it swings both ways
You're so self-centered, solitary all alone
You know, you no longer reach out to life
You just run head-long straight to your own demise

Rise now to the harbour of my arms
Take shelter from the storm
Those howling winds, all those raging tides
The thunder clouds are closing in

Now you're seeing nothing
No not a thing
Your eyes they've just turned to dust
It's as it you've been choked to death by ghosts
In a rush of water

All our kisses they've just dissolved into dark
Snatched by vandal hands
Just a madman in the moonlight
You've turned to murder - glory - lust

I gaze with terror into your void
Gigantic shadows, your disembodied voice
I call out to you from a distant eden
There is just no return to paradise
There is just no return

I'm deprived of my last veil of illusion
I watch you broken on the wheel of fate
All those former terrors they just lie in wait
Ready to ambush on the road to ruin
Closing in

This door it swings both ways
You know it's not without reason
That I've grown tired, so tired of a world
That's offered me nothing, nothing but abuse
Around the air grows so thin

I can't breathe anymore
I can't be expected to climb up any more walls
A firm grip on my wrists
All those fingertips closing in
In a rush of water
I feel like choked on butterfly wings
I gaze with terror into the void