"Dungeon Master" lyrics - EPMD

"Dungeon Master"
(Erick Sermon / Parrish Smith)
feat. Nocturnal

[Intro: Parrish Smith]
Yeah, EPMD, yeah, Nocturnal (Nocturnal cats). A-yo check it

[Parrish Smith]
Yo Dungeon Master, time to draw let's see who's faster
Too late, blast him with 5 slugs from the ghetto blaster
You slow with yours (yours) had to reach for the guard at the law
Card more gangsters on radar, with the night vision
Green spreen navy seals, all star marine mercenary in the mind
Feild, take you way down, underground the Earth's surface
A 100 leeks, flatline?

[Erick Sermon]
E Dub the mic killer, the off and oner
My jawa past willie, I'm higher than marijuana
My styles foreign, look at me as a Guinesse, Vietnemes
A lad overseas, clockin' major G's
I tote 3 50's, 7's with the wooden handle
In case of a scandle, or a so called vandal
And if I let off and he gets hit
And if you miss him, go home and light a candle

Yo with cyphers our tradition, then I'm a spill when I'm spittin'
This vocal ammunition [2x]

Yo I spit ferocious, here's another dosage
I'll capture your mind like hypnosis, so you should focus
On what hip hop mean to you, whether physical or in your spiritual
Form, liver than your black college dorm
Indecisive niggas swarm lets git it on
You know my motto, drinkin' cold on some Colorado
Tall bottles until my legs wobble, blow your spot
Drink lots like Freddie Foxxx, shits fully locked
It's hotter than lava rocks
A grand entrance like when LL said "Box"
In Krush Groove, I freak the ill power move
Kid I'm on fire, flippin' on MC's like David Banner
Changing his black tire, admire, rewarding the cordless
Cats is played out like Diadoras, nothing for this
Hold you scoreless, Jersey reppin', flowin' with the legends
Using mics for weapons, studying all my lessons
So prepare for this paper run, I hit your cypher
Had your crew sayin' "We should of taped son"
Maverick, Top Gun, shootin' missiles
I prefer 40's over Cristal, hit the path out the turn style
Nocturnal's tactics is to wild out like a T-Rex, at Jurassic Park
Making music with my mouth like Biz Mark
Rougher than Timb's and Carhartt, check my street smarts
Plus credentials, microphones as utensils
Like spoons and forks, celebrating popping corks
Off the Moey if you felt me now you know me
EPMD and Nocturnal in your fucking code be

[Hook 4x]

Yeah yeah Nocturnal son. Nocturnal, EPMD, you know what's up, you know
What's up. You know what I'm saying. This is how we do. Reppin' for the
Crew. Jersey fuckin' too. Hell yeah, hell yeah