"Leo's Place" lyrics - ERIC BURDON

"Leo's Place"

You can always get a decent cuppa coffee
Just a block from Piccadilly
Watchin' the bums, punks and straights
The world is on parade at Leo's place

American girls looking for a ride
Tryin' to get across to the other side
He'd see them all through the serving hatch
They young the old, the yellow and black

I don't recall your name, but I recall your face
Everyone looks the same. hanging around at Leo's place

I don't care where I travel to
One big circle leads me back to you
Those coffeehouse dreams that set me on the road
Always brings me back to Leo's

Used to impress my best girls
Take'em down to Leo's place
Because of them not me, I know
That's how he remembers my face
So sad that things have changed
Junkies fill the place
But it don't change the taste
The coffee's still the best at Leo's place

This world is not what it used to be
One time a man could hitchhike from A to Z
A country explodes, another boarder close
Sometimes I wish I'd never left Leo's

So if you wanna see me again
I tell you where, you say when
I got this number, it may change
All you gotta remember Is Leo's place

I don't recall your name, but I recall your face
Everyone looks to the same, hanging around at Leo's place

I'm coming home, I've been to America,
Africa, Asia and Japan
I am what you call a travellin' man
I've seen the ladies in Africa, Tokyo, Soho
South of the border, Rio de Janeiro
But now the time has come,
To go back where I started from...