"The Dream" lyrics - ERIC BURDON

"The Dream"

One two three four
Five crazy individual animals
Stuck out on the road
Trying to be one
Can you imagine
Five of us in search of a dream
Always on the road it seems
All turned on to the memory now
Look for other lassis
Hated by the lads
But we bridged the gap somehow
With our music
In the scrap
To be number one
Number one
Number one
We had conncact with the fans
Nothing could stop us now
Saturday nights all those run arounds
We was up there with the best
Till it alt came down
No sleep, no eat
Just pills to keep you alert
Searching, searching till we all went blind
And never jet struck bater
Moving at a hell of pace
It'll take your breath away
But I couldn't restist that
Godlike feeling
When I'm up on the stage
And never in a thousand years
Did lever think
I'd see the day
When it would all be gone
Gone, gone, gone
Or we'd blown away
Well, the joker smiles
As he shook my hand
And said "Welcome to the stage" Laughed and said
"Ha oho a welcome kid Welcome to number one"