"Business Casualty" lyrics - EVERY TIME I DIE

"Business Casualty"

Blood letting just to slake the lust of the little fangs writhing around the trough
Oh how they run
While my love, back home at our infirmary, is drying up
Her heart beat is on hold
So if tomorrow finds her dead
I'll blame the ones that "loved" me best;
That worthless lying crowd of snakes and the committee of pigs that suck on the breast of a pregnant pen and shit out promises
I'm chastened by a spiteful and unrelenting "gift"
Like a horse at the end of a whip, yet still holding up
But my love, she doesn't reap what I sow
We cannot dine on bread alone
Give me the fuck what I am owed
Because Daddy needs a new pair of shoes and my girl is too gold to be blue
I have given you everything but it is never enough
My heart beat is on hold