"The Low Road Has No Exits" lyrics - EVERY TIME I DIE

"The Low Road Has No Exits"

Wherever I go
There too shall be grief (my love) doting on me, tenderly
Vacant praise for her hollow man
Such poise
What loyalty, what elegance

Inspired lust in a languid tongue (gave blood) and found me where there once
Was none
So I burned the bridge she'd have taken to leave
Each one
She's all I have left
C'est la vie

The more it spreads the closer I come
(Better off behind your back)
Where we consummate in the presence of none
(Dead weight don't wait)
For the violent and endless stream
(A spineless yet supporting cast)
Of charmless that are harming me
From the cradle to the grave it has been a walk of shame

What did you think that your absence could bring, old
My heart, it bursts with cavities
A slur couldn't rouse the sadness I've seen; look close
That beauty is life and she's with me
Flaunted indifference is cheap cologne
Actor, you speak of me in formal tones
To the gutless dogs that cried mutiny know this:
Marooned with grief, I'm richer than kings

From the cradle to the grave it has been a walk of shame
I am dead; what is one less worm?
Seconds off of a prisoners term?
This is hell
You brought a candle to burn?
I am death and you have marked my words