"Godspeed Us To Sea" lyrics - EVERY TIME I DIE

"Godspeed Us To Sea"
(Keith Buckley / Every Time I Die)

Turns out I never had a thought at all
I've been talking in my sleep
Reciting teleprompted anthems
A marionette strung tight
To the executives upstairs
I almost had myself convinced
That I meant everything I said
(What a shame)

Oh captain, my captain
You've been drinking
What happened?
I've been slurring my cadences
And blacking out when I stand

I know all about your son
Who never did return from the war
But there was poison in that bottle, I tell you

Tell the tower I've been hijacked
Tell the gunman this vehicle's been stolen
I'm coming out with my hands in the air
I'm coming out with my hands in the air

The voice on this tape that you're hearing isn't me
The voice on this tape isn't mine
There's been a horrible mistake
I'm a proud God-fearing registered democrat
This is all the same elaborate scheme
And it will be cleared up when the Governor beckons for me
He'll clear my name

It appears that the inmates have overrun the asylum
There's a madman at the wheel
There's a madman at the wheel

We are not even remotely capable of keeping our heads about us
We've abandoned all semblance of presence
Dead bolted, buckled in
Keeping our word to a sinking ship
Let the rats orchestrate the new mutiny
I'll meet you overboard
I'll meet you overboard