"I Went To The Store One Day" lyrics - FATHER JOHN MISTY

"I Went To The Store One Day"
(Josh Tillman)

We met in a parking lot
I was buying coffee and cigarettes
Firewood and bad wine long since gone

But I'm still drunk and hot
Wide awake, breathing hard

And now, in just one year's time
I've become jealous, rail-thin
Prone to paranoia when I'm stoned
'Cause isn't true love "Someone oughta put me in a home"?

Say, do you wanna get married
And put an end to our endless regressive tendency to scorn?
Provincial concepts like your dowry and your daddy's farm

For love to find us of all people
I never thought it be so simple
Ooh, ooh, ooh

Let's buy a plantation house and let the yard grow wild
Till we don't need the signs that say, "Keep Out"
I've got some money left and it's cheaper in the south

I need someone I can trust to protect me
From our seven daughters when my body says, "Enough!"
Don't let me die in a hospital
I'll save the big one for the last time we make love

Insert here
A sentiment re: our golden years
All 'cause I went to the store one day
"Seen you around, what's your name?"