"Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddamn Thirsty Crow" lyrics - FATHER JOHN MISTY

"Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddamn Thirsty Crow"
(Josh Tillman)

Living it up, have it all
Pull more women than any two-man or train can haul
But my baby, she does something
Way more impressive than the Georgia Crawl
She blackens pages like a Russian romantic
Gets down more often than a blowup doll

Why the long face, blondie? I'm already taken
I may act like a lunatic
You think I'm fucking crazy, you're mistaken
Keep moving

On road again for months at a time
Doesn't take half that long for man about town to forget what's mine
Now my genius can't drink in silence
She's gotta listen to your tired-ass lines
I know it's hard to believe the good-hearted woman
Could have a body that'd make your daddy cry

Why the long face, jerkoff? Your chance has been taken
Good one
You may think like an animal
If you try that cat-and-mouse shit, you'll get bitten
Keep moving, oh