"Blackened Eyes Staring" lyrics - FLOTSAM AND JETSAM

"Blackened Eyes Staring"

She can't handle all the evil things
That life has come to give
Taking everything she loves
Destroying the home where she lives
Death does her no favors
Sparing her and killing every one else
Leaving her to face the world alone
And leaving her by herself

Wreath of dead roses
Wrapped around her head
Blackened eyes staring
Not at me but through instead
There's an evil in her smile
That gets me high

What has happened here
She looks like she once could fly
You can see the fear
She looks like she once could cry
Until she dies


Every time her eyes are open
All she sees is blood and fear
Can only dream of jagged steel
Ripping her from ear to ear
Wishing more and more everyday
To be dead and gone and free
Wishing more and more every day
To be a little dead fairy