"Hypocrite" lyrics - FLOTSAM AND JETSAM


You tell me I'm the devil
Then scratch my flesh with your horns
You tell me do what I say
Don't do what I've done

I can see the way you act and
I can see the way you lie
I can see the truth right through you
Open up your mouth and fly

You say you are better than me
You say you are all supreme
You can't tell the truth in spite of you
And every little step a dream


Very thing I do you tell me
Every thing I do is wrong
Lecture all about the evils
Go until I write this song

Make a pile your opinions
Make an observation law
Don't hold back and tell me what you
Hear and feel and spoke and saw


Don't know what to do
Don't know where to go
But I know what your gonna say
Take a stab at all my dreams and visions
Lash out, maybe guilt will wash away