FRANK SINATRA lyrics - Why Don't You Love Me

"Why Don't You Love Me"
Lyrics for "Why Don't You Love Me" by FRANK SINATRA are not available yet

Music Of My Life, Vol. 5: Golden Decade 1950 (2008)

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  1. God's Country
  2. I'll Take A Backseat For You
  3. I Wanna Be Loved
  4. It Isn't Fair
  5. Hillbilly Fever #2
  6. Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
  7. Harbor Lights
  8. Bewitched
  9. Enjoy Yourself
  10. Blue Light Boogie Part 1 & 2
  11. Can Anyone Explain? (No, No, No)
  12. Please Send Me Someone To Love
  13. I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts
  14. Shotgun Blues
  15. Hillbilly Fever
  16. My Foolish Heart
  17. Well Oh Well
  18. Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere
  19. One Finger Melody
  20. Unfaithful One
  21. I Said My Pyjamas
  22. Mona Lisa
  23. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
  24. Walking Blues
  25. My Heart Cries For You
  26. Throw Your Love My Way
  27. Double Crossing Blues
  28. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
  29. If I Knew You Were Coming
  30. The House Of Bamboo
  31. Sugarfoot Rag
  32. Sittin' On It All The Time
  33. Wham Bam Thank You Mam
  34. Rockin' With Red
  35. I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Living
  36. Music, Music, Music
  37. Birmingham Bounce
  38. I Wanna Be Loved
  39. Bad Bad Whiskey
  40. Play A Simple Melody
  41. Sentimental Me
  42. Gotta Find My Baby
  43. Let's Do It Again
  44. My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
  45. Good Morning Judge
  46. Mama And Daddy Broke My Heart
  47. You're My Big Baby Now
  48. Joshua
  49. For You My Love
  50. Cry Baby
  51. La Vie En Rose
  52. Give Me A Little Old Fashioned Love
  53. Count Every Star
  54. Blue Shadows
  55. Little Angel With The Dirty Face
  56. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
  57. M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I
  58. Baseball Boogie
  59. Why Should We Try Anymore
  60. Harbor Lights
  61. La Vie En Rose
  62. (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You
  63. I Like My Baby's Pudding
  64. The Cry Of The Wild Goose
  65. Why Should I Cry Over You?
  66. Can Anyone Explain? (No, No, No)
  67. A Bushel And A Peck
  68. My Foolish Heart
  69. Why Don't You Love Me
  70. Oh Babe
  71. Dear Hearts And Gentle People
  72. Anticipation Blues
  73. Cuddle Buggin' Baby
  74. I'll Always Love You (Day After Day)
  75. I'm Going To Have Myself A Ball
  76. Blue Christmas
  77. Harbor Lights
  78. Enclosed One Broken Heart
  79. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
  80. Nobody's Lonesome For Me