"Milliontown" lyrics - FROST* (ROCK)


My worm cathedral
All earthy for your infestation
These little workers build me an empire
Your loyalty I burrowed out mined by erosion
My little kingdom ready for me now
These careful times
The residue of past digestion
Get what you can now
Good staff are hard to find
My bitter name
The full effect of time and tension
You utter duty and fight to stay the same


With a cross upon the wall
I was blinded by it all
Now the faces left behind
These are no friends of mine
When your fears are cast aside
Out across the great divide
Rage is part of your design
But I won't play this time
Hero waiting in the line
Here on my own
All alone
On my own
All alone


Why do you run and hide?
Here inside the lighthouse
You lose the way
Ghost of yesterday
And before you know
You'll fade away
You and I were will live and die
We are not the only survivors
You and me we're too blind to see
We are not the only survivors
Games that you people play
Here inside the lighthouse
You'll have to stay
Time she ran away
Slipping through our fingers
Time running out


I, number you
Carving circles in your soul
I pull you through
As I do
Cut your family ties
Before your eyes
Too much, too soon
Early warning
Saved by the day
Carried away, you're still falling
Take me over
Harder, colder
I want you to be...


Awake again and I'm alone
The thoughts I have are not my own
No one knows I'm here
The faces move around the room
Their voices cut into the gloom
But they're not listening
What's that shadow moving?
Is that a life in here?
Won't someone please come and free me
Here, dead but still alive in here
Help me come alive
In here
There's a lot I've got to do
It was not your place to choose
And now
I lose


My worm cathedral
Diseased by all the intervention
I watch them turning
Into things they might have been
These fatal days
Corrupted by our own perfection
You're looking to me
But there's nothing more to say