"The Other Me" lyrics - FROST* (ROCK)

"The Other Me"

I got the news today
Elsewhere I am dividing
Feels like my world is ending
I've made another me
Warm, red, barely dead
Thoughts running through my other head
Fingers twitching, muscle building
I've made me obsolete

Relive my life
I feel safer inside

And the things I see
Hidden in the chemistry
Is there anybody I can believe, believe
And the eyes I see
As I face the other me
Is there anybody I can call me, call me

No longer this year's newest type
Superseded, absent hype
Spoilt, faded, over ripe
I'm so much older news
Evolution come around
Jury trial by ultrasound
My handiwork will hunt me down
And masquerade as me

Relive my life
I feel safer inside

Now one on one has made us three
I look away, too sick to see
Our faces staring back at me
My little Frankenstein
I sit alone beside the cage
And try to fight with all my rage
End of story, turn the page
I'm not the one you want