"Closed Captioned" lyrics - FUGAZI

"Closed Captioned"

Your etiquette
Your rules of interaction
What are you waiting for?

Nobody's home
We're all out trying to find one
What are we waiting for?

The recipe a clear connection
The time the time the time
The time the direction
We just want we don't know

This one wants the art
This one wants the politic
Everybody wants their
Own damn station
If we're so fine
Maybe you can tell me why
No one counts until they're dead
I asked you, I asked you
A question, I just want
I don't know

The imperfections are here to find
If your position is so unkind
Everything is not alright
And since we live in present tense
The only hope of making sense
All depends on the source of light

Everything is closed captioned
So come on