"Guilford Fall" lyrics - FUGAZI

"Guilford Fall"

Down at the station we
Question our rations
But you seem satisfied
With the little received

Fractured appetite with
Bismuth Pink on tap
Ascetic limbs gone tight
And your lips are
Clamped and grey

Crash your appetite
Erasing every mark you
Make standing in the
Corner while you're
Working up your mantra
'Derail the train the
Train the train
Derail the train'

Take the time to hesitate
While what's glistening
On your plate goes dry and
Cold and not in your mouth

Alright you see your
Programmatic mind
Surrenders appetite and
You crash yourself all
Over the place snakes ingest
40 times their body weight
But you you emaciate you
Crash your shit all
Over the place now
Open your mouth!