"Love Got Left Behind" lyrics - GARY CHERONE

"Love Got Left Behind"

Pick up the morning paper, like everyday
'Cept for the names and faces, story's the same

Everybody talking, pointing fingers
Never listening to each other
Just another he said she said
Did we forget sister and brother

Love, tell me where to find it
Love, would I recognize it
Love, I don't need a sign
I've read between the lines
Can anybody tell me why
Love got left behind

So many hearts still broken
Waiting to mend
When to little left unspoken
Unwilling to bend

Is it too late to relate
Try to communicate with one another
Will we ever find an answer come together
Let our hearts surrender

Love, all you need is
Love, can stop a heard from bleeding
Love, you really don't believe
You lost that loving feeling
Got to be a reason why