"Can't Find Love" lyrics - GIANT SAND

"Can't Find Love"

You can't find love in 30 minutes.
You can't find love in 2 hours.
At the end of the night.
You want to hold on tight.
Well it's impossibility.
Now listen to me.
You can't fin dlove.
I want to confide.
I want to get excited.
I want to be righteous.
I want to be right.
You can't find love.
At the end of the night.
You got to give up, give up, give it up.
Give up on the fight.
You can't find love.
Can't find love.
When you're looking too hard.
You could be well off.
You could be a star.
I could give you lust.
I could give you sex.
I could keep you wondering.
What's coming next.
But you can't find love. That's
The sad part. No matter how
Can't find love.