"Trickle Down System" lyrics - GIANT SAND

"Trickle Down System"

Grandpa's house lay a bit embattered.
The family split up since his burial.
Bitter fights over the family business.
I tell ya, if he were here today...
He'd say life compared to death
Is so surreal.
My dreamhouse burns to ashes
Everynight before the dawn. sA
I rummage through and find a familiar
Bone to carry on. All those
Memories I thought were long gone.
I got to let them alone. Let them
Chorus: And all that you have.
Is easily taken.
All that you give.
Usually mistaken.
Take off your dresses
Lay naked on the bed...
The Trickle Down System
Comes a pouring into
Your head.
When we were younger, we were more
Like purveyors: Purverse, Purposeful.
And full of neglect. These days we
Have been reduced to Surveyors:
More Severe, More Soulful, and
Actually capable of some respect.
Chorus: Take off your uniform.
Passed the point of no return.
Ashes to ashes. return to cinder.
Maybe I'm a ponderer... Sweet drunk
On a pond of her tears.
Chorus: Take off everything.