"Something To Say" lyrics - GLEN PHILLIPS

"Something To Say"

He's got a thing about losing control
Carries it a mile just to see how far he'll go
And he brushes up his chops as he tries to fake a smile
A friend indeed but what I need's someone who'll stay a while
Someone to stay a while

You can bend my ear
We can talk all day
Just make sure that I'm near
When you've really got something to say

He drops hints but he won't tell you what's really on his mind
But I know if I look that it's easy to find
And he's got a way with his anger and the way he lets it show
Like the smoldering smoke when the fire's left the coals
When the fire has left the coals

You can take me down
To show me your home
Not the place where you live
But the place where you belong
You can bend my ear
We can talk all day
Just make sure I'm (you're) around
When you've finally got something to say

And what are you meaning by
"I don't deserve this life?"

His door is always open and he's always got the time
To give a little something even though he gets behind
And your trips become his and your lives are entwined
But like the horse with the junkie it's all in your mind
It's all in your mind