"Higher Places (Song For Bonzo)" lyrics - GLENN HUGHES

"Higher Places (Song For Bonzo)"

I can see the future, it's been calling me
I'm gonna live my life, it's how it's gonna be
Some people never listen,
Some people gotta burn
They never hear a single thing,
And they will never learn

Mama's little baby, was going out to sea
You know he couldn't sail, so he slipped into a dream
I can see you ridin' on the crest of the storm
So come inside with me, cuz I will keep you warm

Higher places, distant faces
Can't you see they want to live again
Higher places, soul traces
Can't you see they want to live again

I can feel the sun shine,
And I want you to know
So many times I was alone, and there was no hope
So wash your hands in the water
Until you find your way
I keep on telling you
So maybe you won't stray
It's no use getting jaded,
The living wheel goes round
I was once frustrated,
And I finally hit the ground
I'll be glad to meet you, I won't let you fall
Cuz I was always there for you, I hope you do recall

And I want you to see, just how it's gonna be
Now don't, don't you agree, cuz it's supposed to be