"In My Blood" lyrics - GLENN HUGHES

"In My Blood"

Moving through my system
Rushing to my brain
Welcome to the frontier
And I am so glad you came

Gone is my resistance
I was made this way
Vision getting clearer
I've had my darkest day

Beautiful the sinner
Led me to believe
I have walked the mountain
I'm ready to receive

It's in my blood
It's in my blood
You know I should
Cuz it's in my blood
In my blood

Tie me to the anchor
Paralyzed with fear
You thought this was the last time
You thought I could not hear
It only keeps me stronger
Now you can call it fate
Where many men have fallen
Preoccupied with hate

Shield me from temptation
Barricade the door
Here comes my guardian angel
I could not ask for more