"7 Pounds" lyrics - GZA

"7 Pounds"

Speaking of this artform, the slang is dangerous
MC's are like sperm cells, a gang of us
Fighting to reach the egg, biting and lose a leg
Odds are like 1 to 10 million, the kin thread
One from a thousand speaks in his own voice
The other 999, imitates without choice
They never even knowing it, until the going gets rough
You see the Amplified Sample I'm throwing with
I grab the microphone, the unthinkable happens
See the rockets red glare like the guns when clapping
They still cage matching MC's thats scrapping
Not the UFC, but my opponent is tapping
So don't let a little bit of fear turn to hatred
I was sent as a savior to revive what was sacred
Also stop this uncalled for behavior
And sipping back cats, they lactase in flavor

[Hook: GZA]
Got word from the wise to let it drop
Set this on fire, take aim and let it pop
Because regardless to whom or what, even the door shut
I'm giving 'em straight raw, you bringing them all cut
Like Bolivian rock, your watered down hip hop
Raps so out of shape and far from tip top
Pearls next to pebbles, spoons against shovels
Dictators next to rebels, and Gods against devils

No time for backwards thinking, let's think ahead
If you want to sleep when you awake then make your bed
Alotta MC's came to see me on referals
Not even knowing that they would undergo great perils
These cutting edge methods from the most specialized
Faster than the last men, and before the dust'll fly
The lord of the art, strikes a chord in your heart
Your ear love to hear the God, ripping tracks apart
Me to hip hop, is like Einstein to science
A match made in heaven, most likely an alliance
Complex individual that you dream of being
Intellectual challenging, the all eye seeing
Got an appetite for heat, so then come and bite the beat
And digest the rest and don't stress the part you couldn't eat