"Firehouse" lyrics - GZA

feat. Ka

My life rest in a.45, aim for the head, chest fortified
Sons look for revenge, out of stress, daughters cry
Gotta do it here, can't afford to try
Thought the gutter ended in the 'Ville, then I saw the 'Stuy
They get wet daily, it's a live nigga water ride
Slow and steady win the race, step aside, let the tortoise by
It's the hunted man, street value hundred grand
Instinct, nothing planned, been through shit you couldn't understand
Cain, Hec, and Dawuan - I'm repping the lifeless
Weapon of crisis, guns run out, I'm steppin' in
Checkin' for secondary devices, live in the real world
Fuck bitches, get love from a real girl, raised my sister
Amongst the slime and the crime, now she a ill pearl
You never seen nothing like me, I'm for those who get it on nightly
You need a boost of strength, put it on, recite me
I tour with toast, cuz drama's always close
Feeling the waves, kill the praise, applaud my folks
From the core, the most raw, absorb the quotes
For sure I'm the cure, and there's more of the dose
Yeah, I'm from the bottom but I look forward to gross

[Hook: GZA (Ka)]
In the gutter, some ride, some chill (some chill)
I'm from the gutter, some 'Stuy, some 'Ville (some 'Ville)
Know many brothers, some cry, some build
Word to the mother, some lie, some steal (steal)
Some get popped, some die, some heal (some heal)
Some get knocked, some hide and some real
(Some even bust shots, some live, some kill)
(But that's gutter where Ka and them chill)

Slim nigga with the fat pound, back down
Most brolic dude, try to move, hit him in the face
Never again taste solid food. Same nigga
If I'm in solitude, or with the wildest crew
Bulletproof down my coats like Ghost's wallets, too
I run wit a crook or two, look who escaped out Brooklyn Zoo
Fuck that queen, I show you what a knight, and a rook'll do
New York City Bronson, heat up quicker than Vinnie Johnson
The block got Bloods now, it's like a mini Compton
To have honey smiling, need money piling
Bundles, bundles, bundles, a hundred thousand
That's why with my gun I'm browsing
On the hottest strip to see who I gotta hit to start running housing
I listen to my id, respect my ego
If I need council, bounce through, check my people
The first on Earth with the same thirst I accept is equal
Never move with crews, you'll lose, they steps beneath you
I rep it lethal in beef, might elect to mesquite you
From where the beast greet you, do as much as dirt as us, but they preach lethal
The block is class, the blast from the heat teach you
Get one lesson, fail, oh well, the streets keep you
Pat his jeans, one magazine, sheet sleep you


I embody, every nigga who carried a shotty
Forced to grow up quick, never sat on the potty
Went from crawl to run, we want all or none
Being fatherless bothered us, everybody we called 'em son
Block scholastic, sellin chips from the rock jurassic
For heavy glory, mark territory 'fore I rot in casket
Thought our young committee was gon' run the city
One fears being unprepared, so I brung the Smitty
If you dare come and get me, I'm from royalty
I represent myself, don't need no lawyer fee
People call on me, cuz I'm ready when it's urgent
Too much grace to tremble, hand steady as a surgeon