"Exploitation Of Mistakes" lyrics - GZA

"Exploitation Of Mistakes"

Two individuals, pulled from a lake
Inside a vehicle, one had his foot on the break
The windows was fully up and the doors was locked
The news made the headline, and the town was shocked
The driver was clutching a can of Hi-C
His jacket was tied, to a near by tree
His jeans had dye in them, and a usual tattoo
Was the only hope, to identifying them
The autopsies revealed gun shot wounds
Dental records matched to a newlywed groom
This accident, was a cover up for homicide
Two who might of, stayed alive from paying bribes
Sheets investigators, had relied on the media
For help, and to track down the perpetrated
They canvassed the neighborhood, with standard procedure
And visited the home, of a topless skeezer
Who was at the bar, when he was last seen alive
Left with him, just ten minutes after they arrived
Despite the police efforts, they turned up nothing
Just an ex-hooker, try'nna get a rep from bluffing
But the wide publicity, had just paid off
From a hard rock inmate, who was just made soft
He said he knew a man who killed the pop star
And almost got caught by a passing cop car
The inmate said probably, the motive was robbery
And knowing if he keeping it a secret, it bothers me
He said this individual killed for low billings
And purchased a murder kit, blocks from the killing
The sheriff's office, had no time to waste
Plus the inmate never deal, to avoid the case
So he co-operated fully, and snitched on his
Chop shop mechanic, who used to move bodies on the pulley
An extortionist, involved in similar incidents
Payments that came in thousand dollar increments
Suspicious activities that flooded the place
So they subpoenaed phone records for the calls was traced
The hair that was taken from his car interior
Was that of a young girl, who felt inferior
She died fighting and probably aroused his anger
Holding off her life, as she faced the strangler
The crime seemed to be sexual from nature
It was substantial evidence, that the nigga raped her
The suspects had marks on his face and chest
But it just wasn't enough, to get an arrest
Asked of his whereabouts, on the third of July
Said he partied with his friends, and had a solid alibi
But it was really something left at the scene, on a small scale
Was the microscopic traces of blood, under her fingernails