"Unprotected Pieces" lyrics - GZA

"Unprotected Pieces"

[Intro: movie sample:]
We would drive them to the limit
Drive the invading forces to the limit
Where they lose their patience, and they will lose their hope
And the day will come, where they are driven down
To their lowest level and give up, this is the first time this Earth
That the habitual, articulate, how they plan to try and win
They plan to fight and do it here
But making sure, that they're losing their patience
And that they will lose their hope
The third rail will always live it to it's lowest level

Due the hellish events, the days were numbered
Agitated and withdrawn, the addicts wonder
Moving through eternal hell, constantly beaming
In the grips of evil, wrestling with their own demons
An ordinary ride, extraordinary challenge
That get caught between boroughs that was very hard to balance
Where the shots got louder, witnesses kept silent
Through those 12 terrain days of the summer, that stay violent
Soldiers that'll grill, to the boss' desire
Captivated by the idea of speed and quick to fire
Rushed, his orders came in a commanding tone
Carried out, executed within a, battle zone
Action, spoke louder than words, that made him walk
'Cause these kids had came with more music, than less talk
Thinkin' that they was bigger than U.S. Steel
They couldn't close a deal, without a cap to peel
But once the act of fear, is exceptionally calm
With unanswered questions, what harms the firearm
It beats killing the counter, horrific in it's own way
A groundbreaking case, that lasted for another day

[Chorus: GZA:]
This is the city of fast money, expensive cars, topless bars
Movie stars and executives with fat cigars
Record labels that ain't stable, with low appraisals
And the lie that burn bridges due to fragile cables

Write off that unpredictable things could happen
Well aware of the sudden danger, we start scrapping
Violence can erupt within the blink of an eye
As a three night reign of terror, light up the skies
Other uprisings are in the years of making
The young start sizing up the hood, and get to taking
A high voltage power line, surrounds the gold mine
Soldiers on the front line, who sell dimes and hold nines
Many times enjoying themselves, much too much
They hit the clutch, before they pull out on such and such
It's a very unforgiving environment, 'cause one out of two
Can get an early retirement, for many different reasons
The tale of the tape, is uneven
What they perceive as a prank, had stopped them from breathing
He was known to run towns, and brutally gun down
He said it was a great risk for him to be around