"Highway Robbery" lyrics - GZA

"Highway Robbery"
feat. Governor Two's

An MC stepped to me, lying about one
Kid that rolled with him who died in the outcome
Thinking he could get with me, gain victory
When the season's all on his beef was hickory
The situation at hand still remained critical
The check analytical, reaction was pitiful
He pushed his pawn up, yo that's a wrong move
A hog move, some rap cat on dog food
Microphone competition we devour
You pull plugs but take no source of power
'Cause then in MCing, the contours of the land
Intricate architects that's linked to a plan
The W U hyphen T A N G
My rap flow automatic and never empty
Don't tempt me, quick to bust off another
Flee in that direction you could get it from my brother
At least then you know that you up against G-O-D
So when we throw those grenades you better be
Ready, not iced out and petty
Neckful couldn't match one oil drop from Getty
That's ran by the icon who just left Exxon
And spilled oil so he could cash checks on
The strength 'cause local niggas be hating
But the sound still travels from state to state and
No dress code, boot, hats and all metal
Strictly hip hop underground and all ghetto
So catch it, throw it on your plate and scratch it
Mix that [shit], y'all niggas can't do [shit]

[Hook 2x: Governor Two's]
Stick it up like it's a highway robbery
True gangstas we run New York City
We come fi takeover the industry
'Cause you know them have fi too 'fraid of we

How come so much rap [shit] sound so similar
Is it confusing for you to remember the
Originator, paint sprayer, crafts innovators
Quick close ups of the artform's life savors
From tapes to decks, beats with raps, streets with gats
Speaking of tracks, I've ran plenty laps
The crates were packed, Farms were Phat
Thieves would chat to stab my back, detect many traps
Hazardous enterprise, the youths energized
Not seeing the truth till it's in your eyes
Burning, you learning to power your rhyme
Exert maximum damage in minimum time
Road L's are lit, my spears start to hit
Strange translation of words of wit
Through the cable transmit' and once the shoe fit
Unlock the secret of prophecies and that's it
Stay submerged deep as we cruise the seas
Beneath the Surface just like Adidas and Lee's
Or a croke head that used to walked the length
From Brooklyn to get a beat on 43rd and 10th
And that's just a short trip to flip without a whip
Tried to shop this most extravagant gift
To a cat who wasn't hemped and never opened doors
Till he accidently seen it on the shelves of stores
That's more frightning than strikes of lightning
Tearing up the storm in your average college dorm
So think about it when you trying to flow
When you wanna step to us I think you should know

[Hook 4x]