"Knock, Knock" lyrics - GZA

"Knock, Knock"
(J.B. Jefferson)

I'm the obscene slang kicker with no parental sticker
Advisin' y'all that wise words is much slicker
Under circumstances label advances
Ample opportunity, infinite chances
To rhyme, so unrelated beef I don't stress
I seen many killed for infinitely less
Ya raps be the clips that's packed with lies
Cowardlessly ya shoot up those innocent bys
In extra long verses hundred bars in length
The percentage of the truth in the rhyme is one tenth
A solid mass of minerals, easily broke down
Hard rock MC's ya nothin but compound
Sparked by the endless greed of CEO's
In the videos, with those questionable flows
Take it twenty-six, cut it down to four bars, make it a hook
If it's not on the song it's in a book

Knock Knock
Who the fuck is bangin at my door?
Is it abstract commercial or hardcore?
Better know who the fuck they lookin for
'Cuz they don't want more
Yo Knock Knock
Who the fuck is bangin at my door?
Is it abstract commercial or hardcore?
Better know who the fuck they lookin for
They don't want more

The CREAM of the crop we run circles that remain symmetrical
With lightnin victories that's highly electrical
My microphone is just too hot to handle
Plus I don't fill ya ears with the, Pennister's scandal
I gift wrap the sawed-off, the DeeJay pump it
March to the sounds of Armstrong's trumpet
Great things satisfy great minds
You want me to paint scenes describe it in eight lines
Check it
Conceptional breakthrough, incomprehensible
Rap that make you, convinced it's invincible
Lease up my words, powerful hazardous
The most dedicated research the data; this
Info tempo, is gatherin momentum
A thousand rounds of ammo wondering who spent them
Applied science to, vocals we flyin through
Victorious always because I am who?


[Vers 3]
I wrote this rhyme with a Sharpie
You see this dark key ignition's for those with keys
Who wanna start me up
That's where nature and nightmare converge
Where you hold in so much inside, ya gotta splurge
On these snakes with the fangs that, poke through your denim
When ya move it accelerates the action of the venom
But the purity and sacrifice gettin stung twice
From those who load dice, the target is G-Grice
'Cuz rhyme travelers are light years beyond
The Clan had a bomb that made the world respond
Considering my own future, I'm used ta
Damaging MC's then party-ing with producers
Whose main makin cereal from two tracks of stereo
Hold That song's playin weak ass material
We all peak at a singular point in time
'Till you see the sign, nigga resign