"It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" lyrics - HANK THOMPSON

"It's Five O'Clock Somewhere"

Hey bartender it's not too soon because it's the middle of the afternoon
Just give me some elbow room and an ice cold beer
Oh and I hope my blues it cures so draw me up that glass of Coors
Don't you look at that watch of yours, it's five o'clock somewhere

My baby packed up all her things then took off her wedding ring
Left me here with a heart that stings in deep despair
I just had one heck of a fall, so don't you look at that clock on the wall
Just pour me one cool and tall it's five o'clock somewhere

Now when you've had a love go sour it sure takes a lot of willpower
To wait around for that happy hour just to get a little cheer
I guess I'm the saddest guy in town my baby just tore our playhouse down
So I'll just have me another round it's five o'clock somewhere

I really don't care about the time of day my misery is here to stay
And I'll soon be on my way when I've had my share
So I'll just have another one or two, I don't care what the other folks do
In old Shanghai or Timbuktu it's five o'clock somewhere