"We Don't Love There Anymore" lyrics - HANK THOMPSON

"We Don't Love There Anymore"

I let my thoughts go walking down a shady avenue
I knew the way by heart I walked it many times with you
Then my journey ended when I stood outside the door
Of a house that's cold and empty we don't love there anymore

We don't love there anymore
I heard no footsteps no the floor
Just a shell that housed old memories
And forgotten lovers lore
Rusty nails and broken glass a wooden castle of the past
Where dwelt a dream that didn't last
We don't love there anymore

My yesterdays lie undisturbed beneath a film of dust
No one else has claimed the house it lived and died for us
Through a broken windowpane a shadow caught my eye
It was just a ghost of happiness that came to ask me why

We don't love there anymore...