"It Don't Take But One Mistake" lyrics - HANK WILLIAMS, JR.

"It Don't Take But One Mistake"

It don't take but one mistake and you can lose every take
No it don't take but one mistake and I'm the only one there is to blame

As I sit here with this mem'ry and a bottle to hold
I'm no longer a man just the body and soul
Lord I think back when my life at one time was so complete
Back then I'd never known of a hurt this deep
Once I had a loving wife and kids who kissed me when I came home
Then I made just one mistake and now everything I had is gone
If I hadn't been drinkin' so much that night and made 'em let me drive
I know they'd all still be here with me smilin' and happy and so alive
Now that night we'd celebrated cause it was our 10th wedding anniversary
All of our friends was there and as usually the drinks was free
And after we picked up the kids at night I guess my eyes were dimmed by the wine
I heard the horn blowin' but Lord I didn't see no stop sign
No it don't take but one mistake...