"Something To Think About" lyrics - HANK WILLIAMS, JR.

"Something To Think About"

Now listen to my story good advice I'll give to you
Life can have its good times but it has its sorrows too
So if you're looking for some new love there'd better not be any doubt
Before you'll leave your woman here's something to think about
Now friends this story almost ended in divorce
About the worst thing that can happen in this world
How can you marry and love and then leave
After you fought so hard to win this girl
Well maybe you've been married for five or six years
And everything seems to be gettin' just a little old
Well that's still not much reason to betray this true woman
And leave her out in the cold
Now she may get on your nerves and you may have fight sometimes
So you try to make yourself think she don't love you
But you know she'll love you till the end of time
And I tell you it's mighty hard to look in the eyes
Of the one you've loved and tell her this is the end
And if you don't think so then you'd better stop and think hard about it my friend
And when you see her out with a stranger and your heart begins to doubt
If you'd made the right decision or not now brother that's something to think about
So you see this all runnin' around and night life it ain't very much fun
I know cause I've just been through it but thank God she's let me come home
So if you're thinking about leaving stop before you walk out
Cause you might not be so lucky it's something to think about