"Defy The Swarm" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Defy The Swarm"

I'm a death machine feeling cold and mean, the unjust I have seen
The played our bluff I've had enough I'm removing the cuffs
To hell with their laws that cut through like saws, my wounds
From their claws
The declaration of lies, agony will rise, I have opened my eyes

When I'm feeling drained exploding in my brain
Going insane you will feel my pain
Beaten and torn, to shut you out I've sworn
Now I strike you were warned you will feel my scorn

I will survive the storm
I will deprive the swarm
So alive!! I'll never conform
I defy the swarm

I'm a death machine coming for the obscene,
To brutalize this regime
My barbarity will show no leniency to this tyranny
Like the hammer of gods coming down on your squads
Of thief's and frauds
My poisoned revenge dripping from my syringe
Bringing woe you will cringe

Time to march united infantry
Time to end malignancy
Time to exterminate this infectious heard
Time to fumigate this wicked nest absurd

We are death machines feeling cold and mean
For the injustice seen
They played out their bluff we've had enough
Let's remove the cuffs
To hell with their laws that cut us like saws,
Wounds from their claws
Declaration of lies, in masses we rise,
They have opened their eyes

When we're feeling drained explosions in our brain
Going insane they will feel our pain
Beaten and torn, to shut them out we've sworn
Now we strike they were warned they will feel our scorn

We will survive the storm
We will deprive the swarm
So alive!! We'll never conform
I defied the swarm