"It Has Risen" lyrics - HELSTAR

"It Has Risen"

The velocity of a madden regime upholds to make it's stand
Monstrosity, the duplicity, we've always worn the brand
Living in fear knowing one day it come
Terror beyond belief, the walk will succumb

Foretold - Forces of evil
Unveiled - the plan of treason
Foreseen - malevolent upheaval
Behold - it has risen

Seamless verses, words of fraudulence the blind
Fall to its command
You'll only hear what it wants you to hear,
Mandated to understand
Gnawing away losing all empathy
Chaos from hell, a symphony of blasphemy

Programmed machines learn to live out the lies
Like a falling prey, devoured alive, stripped of our pride

For centuries it has walked among us
Controlled federation consuming our trust
One world domination our free will is lost
Dictation, manipulation soulless we're tossed

The great deceiver, made us believers,
Cocooned in it's nest
The grand illusion, halts all confusion, just follow the rest
Born to live out the deception denied
We are just numbers without time on our side

"Dedicated to my my Instanbul metal family,
Heavy Metal will always be your freedom!"