"For Once In Your Life" lyrics - HOLE

"For Once In Your Life"
(Micko Larkin / Courtney Love / Linda Perry / Pete Thorn)

You just don't love me
And I just don't care
Oh, I never said I would play fair
Something so perfect and so rare
There is no cure
There's not a prayer, a prayer
Look what I can do.

I am the only perfect choice
You've met your match
I've lost my voice
And when you're gone it gets so cold
I swear I'm too young to be this old, this old
Look what I can do.

Oh, I've been cheated
Covered in diamonds and covered in filth
But I'm still breathing
Oh, please stick around & I'll build.

Yes, I've crawled on glass
To grasp at straws
Stuttering, staggering through
And I've pierced the last hole in my arm
To gouge out the pieces of you.

And your staggering, stuttering greed
And your never ending need
And your terrible awful deeds
And your lack of truth in these things.

You know the whole thing is writ
You'll always quit
You always did
To the most delusional stare
And all that I have is out
And laid bare
And laid bare
Look what I can do
Look what I can do
Look what I can do.

Oh, I've been bitter
You know what's true
And you know what's right
Oh, I'm forever
Oh, just do the right thing
For Once In Your Life
In Your Life.

I know that I'm a hungry lost girl
But please stick around & I'll build you a world
I'll build you a world
I'll build you a world.