"Enter The Uninvited" lyrics - IAN ANDERSON

"Enter The Uninvited"

Space, place, face, halt, block
Stop, sorry, we're coming in

We Roman legions wend their way through
Ever-widening roads of Empire
Long straight tracks to new horizons
Gilded in soft-tinted campfire
Old Corinium Dobunnorum
Durovernum Cantiacorum
Bold Londinium offers voice in
Market square and open forum

Angles, Saxons, Danes and Normans
On the whole, a curve of learning
Alfie, great in spirit, battle, on Somerset
Levels left cakes a-burning
Willy Conker, work cut out, in Domesday
Pages, marks our number
Sheep and pigs amongst the hundreds
Fat tithes and taxes to encumber

Pizza palace, burger kingdom
Cocaine cola, nylon stockings
Playboy, Newsweek, Time and Life
G.I. Joe, spam fritter shocking

Cold War sparring, Langley spooking,
Grosvenor Square (the London Station)
Elvis hips and Monroe lips, John
Birch against United Nations

Bubblegum and Google-bum
Facebook-frenzied social network
Apple Mac and iPhone App, Gibson
Fender sonic fretwork
Star Trek, Baywatch, Friends, Sopranos
West Wing, Madmen, Walking Dead
Officer Rick will turn the trick and
Banish zombies from our heads