"Pre-Release" lyrics - IAN GILLAN BAND

(Gus Fenwick / Ian Gillan / John Gustafson / Mark Nauseef / Colin Towns)

Cast no shadow on the ground
Scream and there is not a sound
You can be free when you're with me
If I'm not me who can I be
Watching in the darkest night
When you cast your opal light
You go away during the day
Where do you stay when you're away

And now I am your tangled slave
Command me from your lonely grave
You make it easy so completely
When you're with me when you're with me
Take me back a hundred years
Let me kiss your dying tears
You can have peace I can release you
Living will cease and the undead will have peace

Years of wonder passing
Burning in my brain

Take me down beneath your hill
Take me where the air is still
If I'm with you then I can choose
A life for me too undead like you
Deep inside your new disguise
Burning colours in my eyes
We can be free if we can see
What shall we be it's our mystery