"Twin Exhausted" lyrics - IAN GILLAN BAND

"Twin Exhausted"
(Gus Fenwick / Ian Gillan / John Gustafson / Mark Nauseef / Colin Towns)

I like a Studebaker widowmaker
Sitting on the highway crown
When it's early in the morning
I can put my foot right down
And if the wheels keep spinning
Baby I'll be winning
I'll be really alive
When the drive's beginning

I've got a Buick that can do it
With a wide seat in the rear
With a woman on my arm
And a cold six pack of beer
And if the wheels keep turning
I'll be yearning
I'll be bombing away
With the back tyres burning

I'm twin exhausted see
My second wife is tired of me
But when she gets off my back
I'll be back to the track
Wheeling free

Barracuda you are ruder than
A long legged bitch I know
With my hands on your stick
I can feel your body letting go
And I'm always dreaming
About the back tyres screaming
Down with the toes and away she goes