"Shades Of Deep Green" lyrics - INSOMNIUM

"Shades Of Deep Green"

This path leads into dark

In shrouding veil of thickening dusk
In the caress of darkening woods
There winds my path, narrow and fading

Let this twilight linger long upon me
Moon and stars take over when sun has fled
And bring her scent to me
Bring her scent to me

May the blowing of winds cease
And all birds fall silent from singing
May the dreary waters lay still
And hands of time stop turning

So in forms of evening mist
I can feel her slender grace
In shades of deep green
I can drown in her tender eyes

Now that her light has gone away
All this searching has led astray
These turns are filled with grieving
These moments with loss

What a cruel world
Left for me to roam alone

Neither the glittering dew on moors, nor the the whispering wind in dales
But only these shadows of green can remind me of her