"Bump & Grindin'" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"Bump & Grindin'"
(J.K. Hunter)

[Intro: Inspectah Deck:]
Wuuuuuuuu! Yo

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck:]
We keep (bump and grindin') we keep
We keep (bump and grindin') yeah
In the 'Jects stay (bump and grindin')
Up top they (bump and grindin')
Downtown they (bump and grindin')
In the Hill, we (bump and grindin')
That's right (bump and grindin')
That's right, yo (bump and grindin')

(Inspectah Deck)
In the middle of the floor, they actin' hardcore
With shirts off, flirtin', of course, the Dom pour
Segal split, diggin' that hit from way back
I gained that lady with the black Baby Phat
Stacked in the back, that ass, crazy fat
She bump and grindin', makin' it clap
Baby, stop playin', why you shake it like that?
When you know how my dogs like to chase the cat
Hot lights, camera, action, packed in
Back to the front, eight cats on the blunt
The tracks gotta pump, the rats wanna thump
We strapped from the junk, got gats in the trunk
My niggas run the V.I.P., B.Y.T.
Slip pass security to be by me
And I might be slidin' that too, providin' I do
Invite your crew, and I'll invite mine too

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck:]
We'll be (bump and grindin')
In the back they (bump and grindin')
Up top they (bump and grindin')
Right here we (bump and grindin')
At home (bump and grindin')
Out of town we (bump and grindin')
Haters, they see us (bump and grindin')
Uh huh, uh huh (bump and grindin')

(Inspectah Deck)
We at the bar like what?
Sweatin' out the Henny, no doubt, we fucked up
But not enough, to let you call my bluff
You feel what I feel, then raise your cup
You holdin' that hydro, blaze it up
I'm high with my eyes on snakes in the cut
'Cause some be playin' the wall, hatin' it all
Prayin' I take the fall, but they small
This, it can't stop like Shaq with the rock
I can stand in the lot and still smash the spot
Got the grass in my sock with the hash and block
Might blast your top, don't crash your drop
Keep movin', shakin', don't stop
What you doin', stay with it, won't stop
Till you blue in the face with it, can't stop
Till, it's a new day, dig it? Off top

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck:]
We be (bump and grindin')
Shaolin we (bump and grindin')
All the time (bump and grindin')
Shorty, she stay (bump and grindin')
In the 'Jects (bump and grindin')
Tear up the club (bump and grindin')
Gettin' money (bump and grindin', bump and grindin')

(Inspectah Deck)
Damn girl, I love the way that fits
Hug your waist and hips, how you sway that switch
D.J., keep playin' that hit
Watch her shake that shit, I can't take that shit
Find you in the back burnin', fat sermon on the wax turnin'
Earnin' cash, puttin' work in
Certain, to pop it off son, keep it urban
Floatin' with some perfect Timbs, powdered in suburban
Catch me in the midst, Ninja with the fifth in the gripper
Mr. Big Picture, city slicker
Who makes loot, sway suits and flavor boots
Stay loose off the Henny, the Remy or Gray Goose
Make moves like a wrestler, spark your hate groove
Make truce with berettas and birds and eight coups
Toxi' off the fine bubbly, dubs shine on the buggy
Got your eyes blurry, dimes love me

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck:]
'Cause we (bump and grindin')
New York (bump and grindin')
The Dirty Dirty (bump and grindin')
Mid West Be (bump and grindin')
West Coast (bump and grindin')
Overseas they (bump and grindin')
In the Benz they (bump and grindin')
Everybody (bump and grindin')

[Outro: Inspectah Deck:]
That's right, Phantom of the Beat, y'all
We make hits for the streets, y'all
Rebel I., get familiar