"Heaven Inside Your Hell" lyrics - INTEGRITY

"Heaven Inside Your Hell"
(Dwid / Aaron Melnick / Frank "3-Gun" Novinec)

Heaven inside your hell can never heal all the broken angels tattered wings torn covered in soot and emasculated soaring to the depths of extinction hunted by hooven gloved demons awaken to find misery inside this lie creation heaven inside your hell light slips away from darkness welcoming deceit past all rational thought she invites me inside safe and warm heaven inside your hell madness slowly closing in no solitude or sanctuary in sight heaven inside your hell for a single moment I truly forgot this life ignorance so glorious a heaven inside your hell. dirt stained smoke fills the air all around blindness covers pragmatic destiny with no tongue to speak of the meat shattered shadows allowing my focus to return will I ever learn there is no heaven inside, no heaven inside of hell.