"Release The Fiend" lyrics - INTEGRITY

"Release The Fiend"
(Dwid / Aaron Melnick / Frank "3-Gun" Novinec)

Worthless destiny of nothing bare to the roots of bestial war is your only heritage.

Upon the rising tides of horror scoped freedom the land shall blacken light dissolved engulfed chaos erupts in ultimate defiance from this scorched and blackened existence destruction magnified strength without boundary or forgiveness humanity's extermination is only the dawn of this clearly new apocalypse.

I have come to release the fiend free to pray upon humanity within these latter days nothing shall cripple the engines of this total and complete war in the monstrous presence of violent death.

Trumpet sounded finality invokes the cataclysm upon the signal the heavens bleed this burning blinding all enveloping fury sweeps the earth release the fiend and stride with our army far beyond the end.