"I Won't Ask You Why" lyrics - IRIS DEMENT

"I Won't Ask You Why"

Your mama's tender hands
Held the needle and the thread
That stitched that pretty bonnet
You used to wear upon your head
Nobody ever dreamed
That in one groundless stretch of time
Sorrow would move in
And make the final bind

The light atop the stairs
Was flickering then gone
No one was there to walk you
From the dark into the dawn
You were so vivid and so fair
So fragile yet so bold
With so much story
That never will be told

I can see you there
I can hear your song
Like a kid, looking for a place
To belong
And this old world, so magical and sweet
Knocked the ground
Right out from underneath your feet

Slipping on the pearls
Falling to the floor
Could you hear the bells of Sunday morning
Coming through your door
Simple as a breath
Shifting like the sky
You don't have to worry
I won't ask you why

You don't have to worry no more
I won't ask you why