"Let Me Be Your Jesus" lyrics - IRIS DEMENT

"Let Me Be Your Jesus"

Let me be your Jesus
I'll lift you out of hell
Protect you from the heathen press
And the infidel
I'll lead you to the Promised Land
Where everyone is white
And everything that's so wrong now
Will be so very right

Let me be your Jesus
I can make wine out of water
Teach you how to command your sons
And how to love your daughter
Jesus brought you the good news
Just the same as me
Now I'm standing in the light
I've come to set you free

It's all one big disaster
I know that you agree
Tell me who can fix it now
That's right, only me
There's no global warming
That's just more of their lies
So love me, follow me
You're in for a big surprise

Don't believe what you hear
Don't believe what you see
Just listen to your savior now
Only believe in me
For I am risen from the dead
I've come to be your king and queen
Let me be your Jesus
And you'll find out exactly what I mean