"If That Ain't Love" lyrics - IRIS DEMENT

"If That Ain't Love"

My daddy worked at the Movie land Wax Museum
He was the guy who kept the cobwebs off Sophia Loren
Every morning at five he'd get up and go to work
Wearing his name across the pocket of his shirt
My mother told me, out back of that place there was a shed
And every chance he could, he'd slip out there and bow his head
While he was praying I was up the road at school
But, I know, my name was presented to that God that he was talking to

And if that ain't love, this mountain is just a hill
If that ain't love, water's what they're making in that still
If that ain't love, the truest kind
If that ain't love, stars in heaven don't shine

I'm driving to the drugstore listening to my radio
And there she is talking to me, the beautiful Queen of Soul
I pull off on the shoulder, It's just more than I can stand
Aretha Franklin singing "Precious Lord Take My Hand