"Livin' On The Inside" lyrics - IRIS DEMENT

"Livin' On The Inside"

Books are stacked on my table, I've got books filling my shelves
Day and night I've been trying to unravel myself
But I've been looking for answers that don't seem to want to be had
And people don't live too long when they're feeling this bad

So I don't want to know about nothing
Unless it's something I can see or touch
Because I've been living on the inside too much

I miss those Labor Day picnics like the ones that we used to have
Where no one's worrying about nothing, no one's feeling bad
I wanna roll down the hillside, lay dizzy in the cool green grass
And jump around like a frog in a gunny sack


My friend has got some babies and she loves them with all of her might
They run around all day, they keep her up at night
But she can kiss those faces and she's the one who gets to see them smile
I'm thinking maybe that'd beat this by a pretty long mile