"Watchin' Over Me" lyrics - JAMES TAYLOR

"Watchin' Over Me"

Watchin' over me when I was high
Holdin' my hand and wipin' my eye
Watchin' me cheat, watchin' me lie
Oh watchin' over me
Lookin' back over on the damage I done
Made no kind of plan to be carryin' on
Thought I might ought to been dead and gone
I said oh the damage done

How'm I gonna pay that debt I owe
Big red Jesus on the radio
Down on my knees after the show
I said oh the debt I owe

I learned my lesson again
Well, I learned my lesson again
Only one way to surrender
Learned my lesson again
Got to return it to sender
Leave a little light in the window
Got to remember my friend

Guess I got to say it's a lovely day
Nice enough to know it could ever be so
Ready man, steady man, here I'm gonna go
I said, oh, the lovely day